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NILVX (nil-lux) is a quarterly anthology of magic(k), mysticism, and the occult.  We bring together the work of writers and artists from around the world to amplify magical themes and symbols through ritual, poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and art.   The survived history of magic and the occult is built upon a legacy of artists and visionaries, and whether you are drawn to the Mysteries or actively involved with the magical community, NILVX offers a platform to build upon that legacy in word, image, and idea.

NILVX is published in print and digital four times a year with rolling submission periods.

NILVX is now reading for the following issues

II(IV) Winter 2018:

  • Theme: Herbal Alchemy
  • Deadline: September 1, 2018

The use of herbs to transform the body and spirit predates recorded history. Wise folk observed the cycles of nature, experimented with root and bark, and passed down their secret knowledge through generations: a sip of this strange brew will bring your child from the brink of death; a drop of this sweet syrup in wine will send the greatest of kings to his grave; and a sprig of this fragrant herb under your pillow will keep the nightmares away. For our Winter 2018 issue, exalt the transformative power of herbs, flowers, oils, and perfumes.

Note:  We will respond to all submissions 2-4 weeks after the posted deadline.   Early submissions are helpful, but we often do not make final selections until the submission period has closed.

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